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Bespoke Team Building

We offer bespoke team building experiences tailored to your needs and visions. 

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Let us support your company to create a bespoke experience to enable your team to thrive. Let us bring your team together. The return on investment from the experience gained will be returned immediately through the teams increased motivation and performance. With over 20 years of experience in corporate entertainment let us create your memories.

Please enquire to [email protected]

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We create this with you, totally personalised and totally unique.

The end game is conceived based on what your company is about and the kind of task you would like your team to carry out. A minimum of one hour is required for this activity, and can make it as easier or hard you want.

Please enquire to [email protected]

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Using basic objects, simple fixings and limited tools, can your team bring together all that hidden talent and create a device, that can launch a freshly laid egg far in to the distance and get it to land on the floor unbroken?

Great fun, and highly competitive. This activity has the capacity for high numbers of delegates.

Please enquire to [email protected]

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Head off on a treasure hunt, and collect key components to build your go kart!

Nominate the best driver and put their go-karting skills to the test down the race track. There’s a few other puzzles along the way, just to make things more competitive. Being the fastest, doesn’t mean you’re going to win... best decorated driver scores heavy points!

Please enquire to [email protected]